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The Inclusive Program Coordinator you thought you didn't have budget for.

Aginci is the People Perks and Programs tool saving your org time and money, without compromising on equitable outcomes.

Professional Growth & Development

Provide your team with agency over their professional growth & development journey.

We seek out offerings that center marginalized identities.

Check out some of the companies we're proud to call partners:

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Your team wants to choose wellbeing perks that make sense for them, depending on their needs,
identities, and values.

We make that possible.

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Culture & Belonging

Free swag and donuts only get you so far. Create a true sense of belonging for your
team by providing them with perks that recognize and embrace diversity.

From food delivery, to hard-to-find culturally authentic groceries, trips to the barber,
and community group memberships.

It's all inside and included.

include aginci in your employee engagement plans

Enable your team to Choose what they need.

With Aginci, you can be sure every employee has access to sustainable, supportive, and equitable resources that make them feel seen, and help them to bring their best selves to work.

The most diverse set of perks on the planet

Our perks provider companies are founded/led by the communities they aim to serve.

Belonging & Engagement Data Made Easy

We collect and share anonymized data through a quarterly updated dashboard

One Agreement, Ongoing Support

One signature, and a few clicks is all it takes to provide your people with access to 100+ products & services!

No Inequitable Reimbursements

Employees spend directly, so they don't have to worry about waiting to be reimbursed.

Use it or...Use it.

If your team doesn't use their stipends, we redistribute, or donate to an aligned nonprofit in your org's name. It never goes to waste.

we're built differently

Save hours and build a more inclusive workplace.

You might be wondering...

Is Aginci only for underrepresented folks?
What happens if there are no relevant wellbeing or growth resources for me in Aginci?
What types of services and products can we expect?
How does Aginci make money?

Equity & inclusion doesn't happen without intention.

You can read more about equitable impact founders and get updates in the Aginci Newsletter, sent out every couple of weeks.

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